• A $30 enrollment fee is due upon registration. $60 max. for families


  • This fee is non-refundable.


  • Tuition is based on a full year and divided into 10 monthly payments throughout the dance year (September-June).  Our tuition is also based upon 4 classes per month. Months with 5 classes are used to offset holidays.


  • All tuition is done through automatic billing and will run the 1st of each month. All tuition receipts are sent home via email. Monthly payments are done through an automatic payment system. A valid credit or debit card must be on file at all times. A cash option is available only if paid before the first of the month.


  • The first tuition payment is due upon registration.


  • A $30 FEE will be applied to accounts that are declined.


  • A costume deposit of $60 for recreational classes is due on November 1. This deposit is non refundable. Costume deposits must be paid by cash only.


  • A fee of $30 will be charged for returned checks, and in-sufficient funds.


  • No Refunds, Transfers or Credits of payments are given due to dropped or missed lessons.



Sibling Discount:

A discount of 10% of your total monthly payment will be given if you register more than one child.


Paid in Full Discount:

A discount of 10% will be given if your tuition is paid in full by September 30.



  • If your account is not up-to-date, the student will not be allowed to participate in class, no exceptions.


  • If there is an outstanding balance at recital time, the dancer will not be allowed to participate in recital.



During the school year if you choose to have your dancer take additional classes you will be charged the fee for that additional class monthly starting the month you added the class.



If you choose to have your dancer drop a class you will be responsible for the remainder of the tuition for that month. You must submit a drop class form to update your billing account.


Withdrawal from the studio must be submitted in writing and signed by the dancer’s guardian. Failure to settle all outstanding balances will be brought to a collections agent. In addition to late fees, a fee equal to 25% of the total balance due will be added to the outstanding balance.

Jacqueline Connor Photography

Jacqueline Connor Photography

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